Thursday, June 25, 2009

Part II: An artist never dies, because their work lives forever...

Wow, what a day, I thought we could all use a little love, tough on emotions.

This morning saw the passing of Farrah Fawcett. What dignity she had in handling her illness. She will be missed and my condolences to her family. Life presents us all challenges, but Farrah was blessed. She knew the love of her family and friends. they had a chance to enjoy the time they had knowing what could happen.

Yet, we then find out that Michael Jackson was lost to us as well. Oh so suddenly it seems. Really, how much of a surprise was it. To me I see the tragic figures like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis. People who were extremely talented, powerful; yet lacked the power to have real friends. Farrah had real friends. Michael had hangers on, enablers, people who wanted to use him and his celebrity. Britney, you better be thanking your lucky stars having your parents intervene. In a smaller world, we each see people who are on the road to selfdestruction. Look at the Governor of South Carolina, what was he thinking. How sad.

There is grieving to be done, so many people grew up with MJ's music. He was a playchanger in the music business and I will choose to remember him in his Thriller days, or better yet when singing as a 10 yo with his brothers....ABC...easy as 123. Yes, to me that is Michael Jackson. That is what we need to celebrate and to honor his name, his career.

Like I said in the post about Robert Simmons. An artist never dies, because their work lives forever. Robert if your are listening, introduce Michael to the choir.

Cheers to you Michael, God rest your soul.

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