Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Starfish and future star...update

Jennifer was called late last week by a gallery to submit work for the governor's office. She rushed to mat and frame some pics and dropped six off Monday. Just received a call that three of the six were chosen outright, the other three waiting for review of other entries. One of which is the starfish photo that you see above in by blog header.

Jennifer is just 17 and is a concurrent student, attending highschool and college. She looks to attend SCAD with a major in photography in 2010 so this is a major portfolio boost in that direction. She already does PA work and assists pros on their shoots. From the excitement- I guess you can tell she is my daughter and has been working by my side since she was 10.

I get some credit, do to the last minute request I matted the work by hand. Jennifer if you are reading this quit rolling your eyes at that last comment.


Reposted from May 19, 2009:
Finally updated the blog title photo. Thanks to Jennifer Hancock (in montage above) for lending me the shots. My dear daughter-check out her blog to the left- Images. Now award winning photographer, future student at SCAD. She tried to charge me then I had to remind her I paid for the holiday at the beach allowing her to take the pics. Like the initiative though. I told her I am now her agent and get 15%, she held out for 10. Good girl. Good investment for me, her pics are selling well, will start bookings for sessions this summer at student rates. Have to build that portfolio you know.

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