Monday, June 8, 2009

Wrant Wednesday......

Okay, so there is no day that starts with an "R". So, go with me here.

Some of my work is in large format and as usual I need it scanned it and printed.

Because these printers are always finicky, I call first. I just went through three companies and each one after my assistant showed up had issues. One charged me $50.00 for a scan that had stripes running through it. I took and back and they looked at me like, "So, what's the problem?". So, I went to option 2.

Number 2 - whom I have used before said sure, they could do it, machine working. My assistant went there and yes they could do it, yes there machine was working, but even though their machine can do color, they no longer do it on site but send it to a sister shop a few miles away.

Number 3 said they could do it sure. Pricing was only 30.00, but oh we forgot to tell you it would be 4 days. Even as we stared, the machine sat still and there was nothing much happening. I truly believe they wanted to have time to read the directions and practice a couple of times.

So please if are reading this and are one of those shops I stopped: If you say you can do something, don't have me drive all over town to find out there are specifics you forgot to mention. And for pete's sake don't have a huge sign that says same day service, or while you wait. I mean really. I called first.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: Okay, just came back from the printers again. Why? Because when they called back the $30 dollar print went to $80. Say what? I said really why the $50 increase. Seems the print was 5' x 10'. Ahem, are you crazy. The original fit my desk. So the largest dimension couldn't be bigger than 52". I'm coming now... I say. So in the 15 minutes it took me to drive over there, they all of a sudden realized when they did the jpeg version it was magnified, pdf was the correct size, it would be an hour and half before it would be ready. (insert huge grimace here) When I came back an hour and half later when they called. Yes, their phone does work. The print was pretty good except the browns had a red tint, I asked them if they could fix that. With a blank stare, they said sure they could have photoshopped the color, but they didn't think about it. So, now all the trees have auburn bark, or maybe it is just my blood pressure.

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