Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Design Twaddle...

I'm a big proponent of  historic educator Charlotte Mason. A right brained educator who believed in twaddle free lessons. She also believed in developing the whole mind. Hey that reminds me of Dan Pink, might they be related?

Twaddle can include, silly or non relevant information. Architectural design, whether interior, exterior or landscapes is full of it. Rampant in DIY sites and on those series that show a home being built or renovated in thirty minutes. Viral in blogs.

First twaddle free thought: A house doesn't get built or renovated in thirty/sixty minutes in the real world. 

Second twaddle free thought: Everyone wants to be a designer, doesn't mean they are. Nor are all designers in the same league. 

Third twaddle free thought: Good designers are going to tell you some things you don't want to hear, but with civility. Avoid kiss-up artists.

If you are in the trade, people hire you for your knowledge and professionalism. Part of that is speaking the truth. Don't be a naysayer, every project can be made-indeed. Just be realistic in what it is going to take to accomplish it. 

Good design meets three parameters: Form, Function and Finance. 

1. Form is the fun part, where you get to use that design and artistic sense.

2. Function is the practical part, where you make sure it meets the parameters of the client needs.

3. Finance is the realistic part, have to meet the budget. 

No twaddle, to the point-how's that for a twaddle free Tuesday...



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