Monday, April 13, 2009

Recycle, Reblog, Retweet....

I've had this version of my blog up since February, I wasn't sure when I started what to write. I figured I would just jot down random thoughts and hopefully it would find it's voice. I've gotten some good feedback, but after reading others blogs I'm wondering if I should just reblog, like recycle. Because it saves time, which is money, which is really saving energy. 

Several blogs I've run across recently are just snippets taken from other blogs. One I had to go back three levels to find the original information, which by the third blog entry had lost the original posters name as well as giving incorrect information on the pictures and the parameters of the project.

Reblogging has gotten so bad, recently I had a question from someone saying I needed to post the sources on my blog. Uhhh, unless noted, I am the source I wrote back. That just doesn't seem good enough now. I, also it seems, I should have a good track record on commenting. Don't even get me started on Twittering. I love Twitter, but ReTweeting by some is an epidemic. Here's a hint, rule of thumb ratio for original tweet to retweet. Good is 10:1, acceptable is 7:1, tolerable is 5:1,  crazy is 3:1, booted from following is O:1. 

So as for my Monday morning rant, I wrote it and I stand by it. Feel free to retweet and reblog, within the appropriate ratio, that is. You can quote me.



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