Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's a MRAZ kinda day...

Music plays a big part of my design work. I have to focus the brain from all distraction and put on the ipod music to create by. Singer/Songwriters folk types are a fave, but let me have some Flo Rida too. Jason Mraz is my current go to guy, been getting some good work while he's singing away on my ipod. Love the Beauty in Ugly inspired by the show Ugly Betty. Sort of what a designer does, I would like to say it a little different as we give order to chaos, but I often find beauty in ugly as well.

I figured it out a bit ago, math and music go together it seems. Pattern, rhythm, balance. Design is math based as well. Pattern, rhythm, balance. Both are affected by empathy with the client/subject.  I can't design near as well for myself as I can when you give me problem and whom it is meant to affect.

Worst clients of all: Alice, do whatever you want, I trust you. That gives me nothing to work off of, to grow from. So, I then observe, listen. enquire.

If I had a client playing a Mraz song, then I would know a bit more: be subtle, have an attention to detail. Mraz is a worsdsmith with a decidedly upbeat message even on songs that could break the heart. I do have an oh so distant connection to him, he's  from Virginia and so am I. He's from Mechanicsville, been there. He attended  school there; while at that time I was a consultant to the state department of education for the Commonwealth of Virginia for trade and industrial education. 

Now that might seem non-artsy, but at the time the arts fell under trades. The governor appointed me as a liason to the schools helping keep them connected to the marketplace, ensuring the skills they were being taught were relevant for their "trade" and to earning a living. Why? Because I opened my mouth and told him the students I was getting as interns had no street knowledge of the industry. 

All Michaelangelos in making. So, he volunteered me. 

Great guy. 

Hence, I still have it in me to to share knowledge, which is why I am doing this in the first place. Ignorance is not bliss, it is a death sentence in the marketplace.

So, for now,  Jason Mraz's inspiration has gotten me through another day. Tomorrow is looking like Styx, hmmm maybe a bit of "Renegade".  Just have to wait and see....


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