Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mr. Pink and a Right Directed Brain please...

1. Daniel Pink wrote a book, wrote several books really, but the one I just read was about right and left brain and the conceptual age.

2. Daniel Pink's book was on the table next to the chair where my husband, Al,  fell asleep while in B&N. (On his behalf, we just returned from a birthday celebration) I noticed it while off to get us a cup of coffee.

3. Daniel Pink's book, " A Whole New Mind", broke my time limit of handling a book in B&N, so I had to buy it. (Time limit is 60 seconds. It's just good manners after handling something long enough to get a decent sample of DNA)

4. Read Daniel Pink's book. Found Daniel Pink's website, twitter and his speaking schedule.

5. Daniel Pink was to speak in Savannah at SCAD, Trustees Theatre. A mere 4 hours away on the upcoming Friday, following stop on this speaking leg Korea.

6. Decided to go hear Daniel Pink speak. If I am going to recommend, I have to meet the person myself somehow. So, I chose to go to Savannah, Korea doesn't have pirates.

7. Daniel Pink spoke on the first really spring like day of the year. He kept it brief, witty, honest and educational. Realized this is a keeper, a moment.

Okay,  the lists thing was for Dan, he likes lists.  As an ex-speechwriter he also says repetition with humor is good. 

Dan did a Q&A-where he was asked everything except how to attain world peace. He responded with genuine interest and wisdom. 

Notice first picture below, in which I was fortunate to get a derriere shot (bad  photo design).

 and the second photo which caught Dan staring in my direction. Probably because I just took a flash shot of a guy's bottom, really up close.

Good news was that Dan was going to sign some of his books.  Just couldn't bear to have him sign the paperback I've written in and page-wore in just a week. Al opted to pick up a proper hardback plus added Dan's other books as well. Thoughtful husband then told me I couldn't use the hardback, it was to go on one of our library shelves. Now, Dan, I never heard him say that before. We know you must be pleased.

From a lifelong designer, who has battled the L-Directed brain business mentality for years. Thanks. I too believe it takes both sides of the brain to be successful in the coming economy, in life really. An integrated partnership, or should I say a symphony. 

I'll only say this once. Read it over several times, because if you don't read, " A Whole New Mind", you will be left in the dust in our new conceptual age. This designer says, thanks Dan and thanks to SCAD for making it possible.

And please, I know the photo below looks like I a begging, I'm not. Just talking with my hands. I'm not let out from the studio much. Cheers.

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