Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Really, working in a left brain leaning world is difficult. I say things and people cock their head sideways like a dog...the body language of "huh". (Yes, that is my dog Zoe you see here) If one more person tells me we've never done it like that before, arghhh!  
Then really that's why we have right/left brain leaning people. We both need each other. I never thought I would have to design with words and symbols, instead of paper and pencil. Now, I design using the best of both worlds. By hand and with a computer. I'm faster by hand, but changes are easier made with computer. Integrated design. It saves time and money. 

Now, I'm trying to grasp the left brain of technology by integrating facebook and twitter,  with my regular work. I have to go where my clients go, and they are mobile enabled. (Twitter me @redbydesign)

Tip for everyone: life is changing, market is plunging. It is a good time for creativity and innovation. Historically, it is the time designers are more needed than ever. In times of affluence and plenty, people feel free to jump in and make mistakes-no master plan needed. When money is tight, well there is less room for error and designers are in demand. It's easy to prove my theory, look at previous years Oscar fashions, then look at this year. Better choices by far.

On days, when I have to venture to the left brain side with technology, Well, I'll do what I've got to do to meet deadline: I revert to playing "Right Round" (click it on playlist below) on the ipod and go with the flow till the chore is over. 

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