Saturday, March 7, 2009

Crabs and Coffee

Not that you would care, but I went to the beach this morning--for work; Hilton Head, just outside of Savannah. Every moment the beach is recreating itself by design. Above you see a small sliver of a sandbar at low tide. (photo taken by my low-tech sony phone, ahem- with no photoshopping!) Now, it exposes the delicate tubes of sand made by small crabs exiting the surface as the tide retreats. I dare anyone to build a sand tube so tiny on their own. What an architect, what a designer, and really just a wee crab. Now, if a crab can do that, we really haven't reached our potential yet have we. 

Why is this important? So I can get credit on my taxes for going to the beach is why. No, that's not good, nor is it true. It is important because nature is our penultimate designer. If I ever want to know if something is true, I refer back to see if there is an example in nature

As to me being at the beach for work, well give me a bit to load up some more pictures and you'll see why I was there. And yes, it all has to do with a new found design friend I met over coffee...

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