Friday, April 24, 2009

Design Magnifica...

Despite having the proper ingredients there is an intangible that some possess in their field, that cannot be defined. Jonathan Singer has it. Since one of my inspirations this month is Vermeer, it is very fitting to bring up Singer's work. Both have a perfect understanding of lighting.

In the Smithsonian's collection of rare books there is only one(series) of modern author/artist. That is Jonathan Singer. The Smithsonian usually only has books in their collections that are published before 1840. Jonathan's "Magnifica Botanica" is included because of its shear rarity-only 10, and the awesome beauty and perfection. His work has now moved from the Smithsonian to New York at the Throckmorton Gallery and I encourage you all to make the effort and see in person. Otherwise you can view some of his work online. Only the uber wealthy need to think about purchasing one of the original remaining handmade eight books. Singer spent over 800k producing the first volume.

There is more to Singer though, I am an ardent fan of backstories, he is a foot surgeon. That is until he found out he had Parkinson's disease and he declined to risk his patients' health. Then he turned to his love of photography. Catch the video to learn more. (scroll down to bottom of blog to turn off music first).

There is much to learn here.  
  1. Follow  your passion.  
  2. Nature is the ultimate inspiration and master for all design.  
  3. Follow your passion.


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