Thursday, June 4, 2009

Took a side trip to the hospital..

It has been decades in online time since I have posted. Good news, bad news, busy things, chaos. Anyway, life just got in the way. Still playing catch up from the hospital stay in March. Good news though recent blood tests for my husband came in great. But really, trying to reinvent your business on a dime is tricky.  I was told yesterday, by a dear confidant. You go through things like this so you can show others the way. Ooookay.

Many people don't like talking about cancer, it is scary. Al and I see it just as another part of life. His diagnosis was stage IV gastric cancer, on a 10 scale that wouldn't be bad, but on a 4 scale--ooooh. Yet, we aren't about numbers, nor do we hang with the mindset there is only one way to attack a situation. Drew let us blame it on him, well sort of...
That's why I like Drew. Drew just recently found out he has Hodgkins lymphoma. Once a deadly cancer, now very much survivable. So he's come up with a way to talk about cancer and get some healthy venting done at the same time, raise money for cancer research and those affected. He's offering up his cancer as sacrifice. You can go to his website or twitter #blamedrewscancer or follow@drewscancer of any thing that comes to mind. He blamed losing his keys on his cancer. 

Cudos to Drew, and like he says cancer has to be attacked. I'll let you blame things on Al's cancer too. In fact blame Al's cancer on Drew's cancer.




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