Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Music to lift the spirit....

I just had a conference with someone, we were discussing expectations. Spoke and unspoken.
Quite a subject to ponder, I thought I had very broad expectations then I realized I do have some lofty ones, some I won't "give" on.

There are some terms that are so subjective it is hard to put a finger on. Personally, I believe in God. He is the Creator, the end all Artist, the supreme Designer. I remember when I came to my personal understanding. How can we all come out of nothing. I am a designer and chaos doesn't resolve itself without and intelligent guide. Someone with a vision to see beauty in ugly, to see order in chaos, to see the spirit behind all that is good. In architecture and landscape specifically the term Genus Loci, it means to design to capture the spirit of the place.

To me the definition of good, is if the piece captures that spirit of the place, the spirit of the event, the spirit of the moment. It is when you walk in a gallery and pass by hundreds of photos and you keep coming back to that one. Sometimes it is not one you would normally think you would like. You are just drawn in. It's the house down the street, the one drive just a bit slower by to take it in, the painting that makes you think you know just what the person in the picture was thinking. Or like me the movie that was filmed on the Atlantic coast. In the panning approaching the shore, I could smell the ocean. Now that is how your recognize good design. That is Genus Loci.

I get sent many things, today I was passed along a video from Jon Schmidt. The most played music video on you tube. Why, because he captured the spirit of the music, the spirit of the emotion, the spirit of his 7 yo daughter by interpeting songs from Coldplay and Taylor Swift. Listen and tell me you don't feel better after hearing it.

To me that's the mark of excellence. Anyone can scare you, depress you, affect you by the darkness of life. It takes much more talent, skill and vision to lift the spirit. They always say good comedy is harder to write than good drama.

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