Tuesday, June 23, 2009

An artist never dies, because their work lives forever...

I had just posted my blog update for today, when word came that a master, artist, craftsman and Charleston icon passed away. Philip Simmons. I just spoke of capturing the spirit. That was Philip Simmons gift.

Philip made the metal that passed his hands sing. He and his craft were one. I only met him once and it was briefly, I wish I was given more time, but there were others who deserved their chance. Children.

I mean it, the kids eyes would light up as he shared his skill and wisdom via a southern gentleman's charm. What amazed me more was how much his eyes would gleam.

Philip Simmons was what we call here in the south a blessing, a southern treasure. I betcha God is commissioning him as we speak for a new set of gates.

For the gatekeeper has arrived.

Cheers in your honor Philip

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