Monday, February 23, 2009

March Inspiration

I'll be listing in the inspiration links people who do design right-by my definition at least. Then it is my blog. &rew well he's just the best artist friend from South Africa I've ever had, unfortunately my only friend from South Africa-but will welcome more. Very talented, innovative; he even created the invitations for my son's wedding. (check out the beach monogram below) &rew is actually a bit embarrassed by the company he keeps on this list, a budding genius I'll say.

James Dyson of course, well there is a mind I would like to pick, the only one on the list I haven't talked with personally, but on my wish list. Are you listening, Mr. Dyson? Check out the Dyson Award, closing date June 15, 2009.

Richard Rhodes is just a "stone" cut above. Ewww, bad pun, but it works. If anyone knows stone, it is Richard. I first met him during a discussion on the Three Gorges River in China. I being just one in a crowd in that first meeting, fascinated that he saw fit to save masses of stonework that we can all benefit. His company has innovated how stone can be used and reclaimed. Cudos to them for being tapped for the new Ralph Lauren Boutique (another design favorite) in Greenwich. I will hopefully be posting some renderings of that here. They are going with classic limestone for the facade.

Richard Cameron of Ariel is well, an architect with a respect for the past and a vision for the future. The most humble architect I have had the pleasure to meet. What I appreciate is his graciousness in sharing his love for his art and encouraging others to respect the classic history of architecture. Beside the fact his renderings make me want to give up my pencils and concede. I want to hang his renderings on my wall.

Manolo Blahnik,
what can I say I love shoes, yet this gentlemen takes them to a new level. He is an architect. His structures hold a weight a hundred times it own, its wearer can be raised a good five inches with a heal barely a quarter inch contact with a surface. His structure must enable its habitant to move while standing erect and believe it or not they are wonderful to wear. I just wish I worked in an industry that let me wear them, instead my footwear designer is the low key, but equal genius of Frye- 100 years and still the best boot design out there.

The Blue Talon in Williamsburg is a quirky addition, not that they are quirky, it is a fantastic restaurant. A gem we found while traveling south from DC. Now, my family was highly involved in the hospitality industry and I am no stranger to restaurants, this was a find. Every plate a work of art and delicious, and please order the hot chocolate-pure magic. Reminded me of the movie Chocolat. That's enough to list it here, but when I went to google it for a friend visiting that area I found out that it had burnt down and been rebuilt. They posted the plans and everything. Now how many people do that. Their team pulled off a great job and I believe it is the vision of the owners. Now, the quirky part, the fire happened the day after we visited the first time. No, we didn't have anything to do with it.

I've got a tagline on my company e-mail that just says Designer Genius (for our firm at least), but, I back that up with the caveat that I'm really just inspired by genius. Like those geniuses I list here. Cheers.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Old blog, New blog, New friends

Okay, I found it is much better just to start fresh, blogging that is.  You can visit the old "Buzz" section in our existing OLC site.  

Check out our new associate, Michael Barber,  and the Professional Athletes Council. We partnered with Michael at this year's Super Bowl in Tampa for the Diamonds and Pearls Celebrity Gala and in support of St. Jude's Childrens Hospital.

The Institute for Classical Architecture  gave us the opportunity for a great trip to New York, on my birthday too. The intimate event in December was with  M. Night Shyamalan and the professionals who worked on his new home Ravenwood. Richard Cameron from Ariel-the art of building, Steve Ballenger of Zepsa Industries. Thanks to them for sharing their skill and talents. A home for the ages.

We're going Global in 2009 to meet our clients needs. With the economic times as they are, there is a big need for being wise in using your funds. I'm frustrated daily when I see my clients and others spend money on things that are unnecessary. From simple things like skipping yearly aeration on lawns to thinking they are limited in their product or professional selection. 

We provide our clients a cost efficient design or consultation saving thousands on their budget without sacrificing quality. Good design is naturally cost efficient.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Up and Running

Drives me nuts, to say the least. Technology. I'm trying to transfer our old blog to the new blog. I know very well that I can get someone to do it faster, but you see, I "have" to know how this is designed to work. Then, after I learn the process, I'll pass it off for others. Who by far, are better equipped than I at the process. Oh, I'll still do entries, but the management is best left to the pros. That is the way it is designed.

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